KIP Engine
Proprietary Game Engine
Kip Engine tackles the largest metaverse problems such as persistence, interoperability and achieving high quality dynamic environments thanks to its physics and its real time rendering of major visual effects such as lighting, shadows and ambient occlusion. We use low level 3D graphics algorithms built especially for the metaverse. Unlike most other game engines which make preloading games, we can create infinitely scalable environments with 1000s of objects that appear on screen in real-time and are secured by the blockchain.โ€‹

Under the hood

Kip Engine is super efficient, fast loading and works across multiple platforms. It is created entirely with low level algorithms e.g C++, WebGL, Vulkan for 3D rendering and exports to WebAssembly, thus having immersive, highly detailed games that run at near native speeds.โ€‹
KIP Engine Architecture

3D Graphics and gameplay:

  • Advanced real-time graphics optimised for web based rendering
  • Super performant and detailed 3D environments with fast load times.
  • Our fully functional 3D graphics engine has physics and realtime GPU resource management entirely in WebAssembly and WebGL, allowing it to run cross-platform, including web, mobile, console and with WebXR on VR devices (Oculus) at close to native speed.
  • accessible (browser-first) cross platform experiences
  • pushing web3 into the mass market by making distribution of games and interactive experiences as easy as sharing web links or embedding onto web pages.
  • real time physics, animation, lighting and AI applied to NFT assets
  • Persistent experiences - meaning any changes done in the environment are reflected in real-time and remain so after the player exits


  • Smart contracts for gamefi
  • Incentives to create and benefit community using $Kip token economy and NFTs.
  • Composable NFTs for creative new functionality and extending experiences using user generated content.
  • Community DAO driven game creation and extensibility.
  • Innovative NFT uses such as avatar accessories, in-game pets, virtual goods used within games (or any virtual app), NFTs linked to physical goods through to NFT ticketing.
  • NFT marketplaces linked to in-game resource scarcity and gamefi frameworks


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Under the hood
3D Graphics and gameplay: