KIP Engine

KIP is a cloud-based 3D engine for innovative browser games and experiences.

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What is KIP?

KIP is a state-of-the-art 3D engine that allows you to build 3D games and interactive experiences for the web. It is the first engine to be fully implemented in WebAssembly, a high-performance technology that enables smooth and efficient 3D graphics and physics on a wide range of devices.
In addition to its impressive technical capabilities, KIP is designed to be fully decentralized and "on-chain", utilizing blockchain technology to ensure clear asset ownership and to enable the creation of highly modular and interoperable experiences.
With KIP, you can use smart contracts, game logic, and data from multiple sources to build innovative real-time experiences such as doorways or assets that only appear when certain events are triggered in other games, DeFi projects, or oracles tied to online and offline events.
Explore the full potential of KIP and take your 3D web development to the next level.
Designed to support on-chain resource management, allowing players to build and interact with fully-realized 3D spaces and expansive open worlds.
With KIP, there is no need to download any additional software - it works directly in your web browser, providing seamless and instant access to innovative 3D experiences.
Photorealistic environments rendered easily
Large scale decentralised worlds
We are filling the technical gaps that will power the metaverse by creating standards for avatars, 3D file management, interactive nfts, resource economics and more.


Please note, this Litepaper is considered to be a working document and will be updated as and when required in line with the latest developments.
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