KIP Engine

The first Web3 native game engine

Full Infrastructure for composable 3D games and spaces backed by innovative graphics, physics, cross-chain smart contracts and the permaweb.
KIP Engine is developed from the ground up for building persistent, highly scalable, graphically detailed and immersive 3D games and spaces.
Many game developers approach web3 gaming by "forcing" NFT and blockchain on top of Web2 technologies such as Unreal, Unity or Three.JS but come across problems as the game assets, graphics and physics are entrenched within siloed gaming experiences. This limits composability, modular game building and on-chain gaming. Whats more it makes persistence and scalable 3D building collaboratively in real-time impossible.
KIP is a 3D game engine built entirely in WebAssembly for next-gen web-based performance, and the backend infrastructure for blockchain-based resource management; allowing the user to build in real-time, straight on the web, fully interactive 3D spaces and large-scale fully 3D open worlds.
We are filling the technical gaps that will power the metaverse by creating standards for avatars, 3D file management, interactive nfts, resource economics and more.

Kip engine is Web3 infrastructure for:

On-Chain games and Open Metaverse building

  • stunning blockchain enabled HTML5 games and experiences
  • super performant and detailed 3D environments with fast load times
  • accessible (browser-first) cross platform experiences
    • pushing web3 into the mass market by making distribution of games and interactive experiences as easy as sharing web links or embedding onto web pages.
  • real time physics, animation, lighting and AI applied to NFT assets
  • Persistent experiences - meaning any changes done in the environment are reflected in real-time and remain so after the player exits.
  • giving users shared ownership and control via DAO based governance
  • NFT marketplaces linked to in-game resource scarcity and gamefi frameworks

Empowering Creator Economy and User Generated Content

  • Awesome game creation platform and tools for creators and experienced indie game devs:
    • 3D asset import / creation and customisation
    • Easy to use editors for creating metaverse assets and experiences.
    • "Lego like" game building using composable NFT components
      • Encouraging UGC (user generated content) for modifying and customising experiences
    • Marketplace for digital assets:
      • Rather than create IP for others, now 3D modellers, texture creators, material designers, sound engineers, animators, particle effects creators can own their creativity and IP.
    • Scripting language for advanced metaverse games
    • rich smart contracts and Gamefi/P2E capabilities It is decentralised, cross-platform, with GameFI features and capabilities via composable NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens) all operating through tamper-free smart contracts and powered by our own token $KIP. (If you're wondering, KIP stands for Knowledge Is Power!)

Get Started with our Litepaper:

Please note, this Litepaper is considered to be a working document and will be updated as and when required in line with the latest developments.
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