KIP Engine

Studio & SDK

The studio is the editor for easily building games without knowing how to code.

Awesome tools for users of all levels to create interactive 3D experiences:

  • 3D asset import / creation and customisation
  • Easy to use editors for creating metaverse assets and experiences.
  • Marketplace for digital assets:
    • Rather than create IP for others, now 3D modellers, texture creators, material designers, sound engineers, animators, particle effects creators can own their creativity and IP.
  • Scripting language for advanced metaverse games
  • "Lego like" game building using composable NFT components
  • rich smart contracts and Gamefi/P2E capabilities

Editors, SDK and tooling

Game editors for creating 3D Scenes and assets with Gamefi functions.
  • Scripting.
  • Animation.
  • Materials
  • Lighting
  • artificial intelligence
  • Audio
  • Easy asset importer
  • publication of 3D experiences and assets as NFTs