KIP Engine


~ The fabulous Kip Engine gang ~

We are a close-knit team of Computer Scientists and Graphics Engineers who love Web3 ideals and the potential for an open metaverse.

Ameer Ali, CEO

Majored in Computer Science, Full-stack developer, Product. Linkedin, Twitter
An avid gamer, his final year Computer Science project was a 3D Simpsons simulation coded in OpenGL.
His product and business skills honed both on consumer products and in the public sector. In his expert product role he led multi-disciplined teams and work groups into the use of digital signatures and blockchain within UK Government and on official basis with Israel, USA, Belgium and Spain. Ameer worked in crypto space since 2017 on projects including London based and his own startup with fellow co-founder Mouhcine, called FundBlock, an Ethereum based crowdfunding dApp. He is involved within educating the crypto community and has hosted blockchain events in London, last of which was sponsored by Web3 foundation and Polkadot. Before his involvement in blockchain, he experienced growing consumer social media platfrom, from idea stage to product with thousands of DAU.

Ericka Simon, CTO

Computer Graphics expert, Full-stack developer with a rich experience in engineering. Linkedin, Twitter
Ericka has a rich background in Engineering and is our amazing 3D lead. She has long dreamed about building the open metaverse and pushing the boundaries for what is possible in the most limited of hardware. She has an in-depth understanding of web based 3D Development. She has built the fully functional 3D graphics engine with physics and realtime GPU resource management entirely in WebAssembly and WebGL, allowing it to run directly on the web on most devices, including phones.
Ericka has also developed a new rendering technique which makes it possible to render complex and large scale virtual environments on most devices while using little memory (even on the GPU). She has created a 3D engine using Vulkan in order to demonstrate the technique.

Mouhcine Benchekroun, Blockchain Lead

Linkedin, Twitter Ben is our blockchain guru. A Computer scientist with a long history in development and entrepreneurship. He specialised in 3D development before founding MySeat which is the Leader in providing workplace analytics & IOT solutions to businesses. He has been involved in blockchain development since 2017 when he worked with Ameer on a previous crowd funding startup.

Melisa Hot, Graphics Engineer

LinkedIn, Shadertoy Melisa majored in Electrical engineering and Computer Science. She is a full stack engineer who is currently working on beautiful graphics shaders within our engine. She has independently created and developed desktop, web applications and of course games.

Xena Hussain, Creative Lead

Instagram Xena has graduated from Goldsmiths, London and has an impressive network of creatives and artists ready to take the Metaverse plunge. She is also a music producer, singer and artist in her own right. Xena taught herself to produce music as well as develop as a vocalist and artist and has secured a record deal.

Iliyess Eddahabi, Community Manager

Twitter Iliyes is a new member of team. Bio will follow. He has been in the web3 and NFT space for some time. He is here to help grow the community and create partnerships.

Mehdi Ramzii, Fullstack developer

Linkedin Mehdi is a new member of the team. Bio will follow.

Rahul Chopra, Advisor

Linkedin Rahul has over 40 years experience within Silicon Valley for some of the largest tech companies. C-Level Executive experienced in turning “transformative business concepts” into fully operational and successful companies. Notably a strategic advisor to Meta, helping devise scalable market based infrastructure solutions for Internet Everywhere.

Jason Tolliver, Advisor

Twitter Jason has several years experience working within the crypto space, formerly working for Ascendex and Xdai Chain where he advised and helped grow the community. He is a fund advisor and partner in Autonomy Capital.