KIP Engine
Token Economy
Token Usecase
The $Kip token is the utility token that is used through the use of the Kip Engine and its primary metaverse
Kip Engine Marketplace
The Kip Engine Marketplace is where digital assets of multiple kinds are listed and sold. These could be anything from virtual land, in-game items such as weapons or furniture, virtual clothing, artwork, music, sound effects and so on. A small % fee would be taken from the transactions.
● 2.5 - 8%* fees on marketplace transactions.​ ( * We may start with higher fees - lowering with higher volume OR based on type of asset minted.)
● GameFi Creators Creators have to stake x$ amount $KIP tokens to build spaces that have Gamefi mechanics. These creators earn % from the use of their game spaces. Assets, including spaces could be β€œforkable”, passive royalties for every future sale.
● P2E, PVP, Ecommerce - the type of space and experience is chosen using existing configurations and templates. These mechanics are easily added to spaces via the no-code editor - thus making it easy to quickly create games, experiences and ecommerce stores.
● Creators Launchpad. After a DAO vote, Creators raise money from their community to build a new metaverse experience. Any new experiences on Launchpad have to buy back x% of $KIP which is either burnt or re-distributed to KIP stakers.​
● Stake token earn rewards from network fees and gamefi.
● Staking $KIP rewards users with access to NFT Drops and use of Launchpad.​
● New games on Launchpad buy back x% of $KIP which is re-distributed to stakers.​
● Similar to the dev airdrop we’ll use the token as a funnel for onboarding and maintaining a playerbase. ​
● Tokens can be used to purchase goods/services from the Kip marketplace.​
● Tokens can be staked to generate yield and share platform revenue.
Incentivising Players / Consumers / Creators -
● Players who stake token earn rewards from the network fees and from gamefi fees.
● Tokens can be earned via completion of room set-up and sharing via socials as well as other missions that the team can optimize towards key KPIs and broaden platform use and social media reach.​
Advertising / Sponsored Spaces
Staking Licensing
The $KIP tokens are staked for a new metaverse to be created.
Crafting and Kip Resources Crafting is the creation of virtual goods and depends on the availability of "digital raw materials" within a user's inventory.
Digital Raw Materials: These are limited resources spread across the Kip Metaverse. Wood - (Trees) Earth - Water - Stone - Iron - Diamond - Gold - Carbon - Titanium - Rubber - Leather- Wool- Food - cows , lamb, chicken etc
The player either explores the metaverse to find or win these assets, or they can buy them from the marketplace.
A basic axe for example will require 1 Iron + 1 Wood. The player would either explore and complete activities to gain the raw materials needed for crafting OR they would have an option to buy the assets with a single action using the $KIP token.
The rules behind which items are needed for crafting will initially be centralised. In future, how crafting this will be decided by a DAO voting mechanism.
Crafting / Jobs - (Make it easy as possible to transfer from software into the metaverse as possible. GLTF.) (slowly bring in new tools so this can be done within the system).
Raw Materials: These are limited resources spread across the Kip Metaverse. Wood - (Trees) Earth - Water - Stone - Iron - Diamond - Gold - Carbon - Titanium - Rubber - Leather- Wool- Food - cows , lamb, chicken
ITEMS: { Crafting requirements: { Raw materials Components Avatar experience Equipments }, Market value, Attributes: { } }
Need to have a system to analyze 3D models and determine the raw material requirements based on: The type of item (clothes, weapon, transportation mean, etc.) Its attributes (power, speed, damage etc.) Special functions- Upload 3d model -> Weapon? Vehicle? - Machine gun, Sword.. (we want to collect as much meta information about this object so it can be categorised). (how many will be minted)
In order to build complex items, the avatar would have a high level of crafting skill. This would allow people to have a β€œjob” of a sort from which to extract a revenue. It would also put responsibility on the crafter which would act as a reviewer to make sure that the asset is not too controversial.
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